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The Mysterious Comet Elenin

New Developments in the Comet Elenin Saga have recently surfaced which infer that the comet has disintegrated. As of this publication, no credible evidence has actually been presented which would back up this reference by some observers, that the highly publicized comet has indeed disintegrated.
What is in fact being reported is that Comet Elenin has dimmed and that some astronomers have predicted that it would not survive perihelion, the comet's closest approach to the Sun on Sept. 11, 2011. It's now apparent that their predictions haven't come to fruition and that the comet is still very much alive as it passes between the Sun and our Earth.

If Elenin hasn't disintegrated as some have indicated, then why are some astronomers so determined to announce it's premature demise?
Listen to the broadcast which aired on Coast to Coast in which Richard C. Hoagland talks about Elenin, and provides some very interesting thoughts on the controversial comet.

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