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New Strain of H1-N1 Virus Discovered: Deaths Mount in NYC

Skywatch Media News has learned that the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus, which has already been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has developed a new strain of the virus in South America. The Adolfo Lutz Institute in Sao Paulo sounded the warning indicating that the virus is mutating much faster than was anticipated by medical experts. This new discovery is important in that the genetic variant of the Swine Flu, now has the potential to become a deadly viral strain similar to the Spanish Flu variant that killed many millions in 1918.
More worrisome for North America and the United States is the number of swine flu deaths and infections that continue to be reported across the country. Deaths have increased, especially in New York City, where yesterday alone 7 more deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total number to 23 in the city alone.
The Death of a nine year old boy has been reported in Florida, A 20 year old woman in San Diego County, California; A sixth death in Utah, Two more deaths bringing total to 8 in Texas. The total number of U.S. deaths since the virus was first reported in unclear, but the number given by the CDC on June 12, stood at 44 with nearly 18,000 infections. That number is likely to change dramatically when the CDC publishes their new report on June 19. The U.S. congress has approved nearly 8 billion to combat the flu virus
It is important to note that the mainstream media and cable news networks in the United States, in order to refrain from being labeled alarmists, have treating the Swine Flu Pandemic with kid gloves. This is troublesome, as the world should be informed, and rightfully so, considering recent developments with this virus, as it continues to spread across the globe.
In the U.K. the number of confirmed infections is the highest number in Europe, having increased dramatically, with a mother and her child being the latest mortality victims in Scotland.
Australia is reporting chaos with the Swine Flu Pandemic as the medical response has not been forthcoming in anticipation of the spread of the virus.
For the latest updates on the Swine Flu Pandemic including U.S. and World Statistics visit H1-N1 Flu Updates

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