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The Queensland floods will devastate the beef industry

The Queensland floods will devastate the beef industry as livestock starve. Tens of thousands of cattle stranded by floods in Queensland have been left to starve because owners cannot drop feed to them and state authorities say they are powerless to act. In many cases, livestock have moved hundreds of kilometres from their stations, which means identifying their owners is difficult. And with much of the area under water, station owners have no feed and many of the animals have been left to die. Farmers fear the rain and floods that have affected two-thirds of Queensland will devastate the beef industry in some regions, while sugarcane growers are also bracing for heavy losses. Although flooding as a result of two cyclones began receding in many areas yesterday, authorities now fear a king tide this weekend could combine with a low pressure system off the coast to once again flood the coast from Cardwell to Townsville. Pilots flying over the Gulf country have reported thousands of starving or dead cattle. The sugar industry has also been hit, with growers in the Burdekin region around Townsville fearing the floods could reduce this year's crop by 20 per cent.

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