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Oil Terminal Near Mount Redoubt has Homeland Security Worried

SECRECY: Citing homeland security, officials give out little information about the plant's status.

When Mount Redoubt erupted 20 years ago, massive floods and raining pumice raised immediate alarms over the Drift River Oil Terminal, with its storage tanks of crude oil sitting at the foot of the volcano.

After several weeks of growing explosions, a big blast hit the lava dome, oil workers abandoned the scene by helicopter and the oil terminal was swept by a flood that turned the Drift River, briefly, into the largest river in North America.

Now Redoubt is restless again. Strong seismic tremors came and went Friday, as scientists said an eruption appeared still to be building. Image Left: BOB HALLINEN / Anchorage Daily NewsRedoubt Volcano at sunrise across Cook Inlet from the mouth of the Kasilof river on the Kenai Peninsula on Wednesday January 23, 2008.

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