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Storm 'one of the worst ever'

The death toll of a "monstrous" overnight storm that devastated various parts of KwaZulu-Natal has risen to eight. "It's a very sad New Year for those affected and it's devastating to see the little food these people had being covered by mud. Many people have lost everything." The FREAK storm was described by residents and officials as ONE OF THE WORST THEY HAVE SEEN. Trees were uprooted, roofs caved in, walls and houses collapsed, and in some areas water mains had burst. "It's estimated that more than 300 households were affected which in essence means over 2,000 people." In recent months several similar storms had struck different parts of the province and destroyed homes, leaving thousands homeless. "This is not the first, and it might happen again. It's the climate change. Now we are planning ahead and we will work towards building human settlements that have more stable structures."

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