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Lucky surfer cheats death

A giant wave nearly smashes surfer Jacob Cockle (circled) into the sea wall at Newlyn, Cornwall.Earlier this month, a daredevil surfer cheated death after becoming trapped – between a stone pier and a FREAK 30ft wave. Terrified, he almost drowned when the monster wave emerged from nowhere and charged towards him at speeds of more than 40mph. He struggled desperately to paddle to safety, but was caught in powerful currents that prevented his escape. Clinging helplessly to his board, the student was tossed into the air "like a rag doll" when the wave – with an estimated mass of seven tons – broke over him. He was flung into the surf and spent "ages" underwater before finally managing to overcome the currents and paddle back to shore. Miraculously, he survived the terrifying incident at Newlyn, near Penzance in West Cornwall, unscathed.

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