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Wichita rain set to break 57-year-old record

WICHITA, Kansas, October 14, 2008 – The Kansas rain is bringing a classic “feast or famine” scenario for most residents. Some haven’t seen this much rain in decades, while others are just trying to stay out of a drought.

Right now, south central Kansas is only 31 hundredths of an inch away from BREAKING A RECORD FOR YEARLY RAINFALL. Wichita is currently at 50.18 inches for the year. The record, set in 1951, was 50.48 inches. “That 57-year-old record we're probably going to beat it now in the next 24 hours and here we are in October still with two full months of the year left.” This rainfall is serving as a double-edged sword for farmers by preventing them from getting in the field and harvesting their fall crops. But it's also very beneficial for a freshly planted wheat crop.


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