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Drought brings cotton industry to its knees

Australia's cotton crop last year was the worst in three decades. (ABC)

Story: Australia's cotton industry is on the brink of collapse because of the drought and many growers have turned to other farming options.

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Canada - Grande Prairie area of northern Alberta suffering from drought. Areas in central and southwest Peace County are expecting low crop yields.

SWEDEN - Heavy rain threatens Swedish harvest - The situation is precarious for Swedish grain farmers. Dry weather in the beginning of the summer hindered sowing and when the crops are now ready for harvesting the heavy rain is causing the problems. "The heavy rain means that the quality of the crops declines. A large part of the cereals harvest in central Sweden has been lost and has become fodder which gives a lower price... Fourteen days to 3 weeks of warm, dry weather, preferably windy, would enable most of it to be collected." However forecasts show no indication of being kind on the farmers. "We will have to wait a couple of weeks for good weather. It is looking generally unstable in the near future with two fronts of low pressure in the coming week." To rub salt into the wounds of the farming sector, grain prices have declined worldwide as a result of good harvests in Europe, the USA, Russia, Australia and China.

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