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Worst-ever weather weekend for Transit

New Zealand
Snow, hail, rain and gale-force winds firing from all directions dealt Transit NZ its MOST DIFFICULT WINTER WEATHER EVER in the central region last weekend. They just couldn't second-guess anything. "Well, it snowed in one direction, then rained from another, and hail, ice and wind roared through as well. We just didn't know which way the weather was going to hit us. It was all very complicated and VERY UNUSUAL." Keeping the roads open was of prime importance, ..."but not that easy when you're unsure what to expect and where it's coming from". The storms of 2004 and July 2006 had been bad enough, "but at least we knew which direction they were coming in from. Not like last weekend, when weather came from all sides and very complex. One minute it was snowing, then 30 minutes in came the rain from another direction. It was very weird."

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