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Freak Weather Has Australians Confused

NEARLY SUMMER? ... Emily Alcock, of Sandy Bay, left, and Genevieve Elliott, of Taroona, enjoyed a bit of a splash at Sandy Bay Beach yesterday at temperatures hit 18C.

Story: Last week it snowed, Sunday people wore shorts and by the end of the week it will snow again. A series of "vigorous" cold fronts will create a similar weather pattern by Wednesday. Hobart enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine, with the temperature creeping up to a summer-like 18.1C. Out of all the capital cities in Australia, only Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane were warmer than Hobart. Sunday's warmth was an aberration. "It is REALLY UNUSUAL weather - the average for June is 11.1C and we are way above that." Last week, an icy blast closed roads, contributed to crashes, caused power blackouts and brought mountain snow.

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