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Flooding proves disastrous in Ambos Nogales.

Arizona, USA
The Monsoons geared up to full strength this weekend causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to Ambos Nogales. One local storm watcher even captured a photograph of a funnel or tornado cloud from her Nogales, Arizona, home about one mile from the border. Officials in Nogales declared a state of emergency and have petitioned the state for relief. Near the close of business and in the wake of Saturday’s rains, shopkeepers along the first two blocks of Morley Avenue were barraged by runoff. The water gushed from across the line through the pedestrian port of entry where border walls acted as a dam. The border walls held back storm runoff that burst through the concrete and asphalt ceiling of the wash tunnel on Calle Elias, just 60 feet south of the pedestrian port of entry. Up to five feet of water pooled on the Mexican side of the border where several vehicles that were parked in the area floated and converged at the base of a nearby hill. “It looked like a bomb fell.” Officials believe the collapse of the wash ceiling was due to immense pressure after most of the wash tributaries flowed to capacity and into the waterway known as Arroyo Los Nogales which is the Mexican extension of the Nogales Wash. CPB officers rescued three individuals from the flood channel underneath the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry just west of Morley Avenue. A sinkhole developed just 30 feet away from the inspection station. “This kind of flooding had not occurred since 1924 when my grandfather first got here.”

Surprise deluge flooded the Phoenix area -
Power was being restored Monday to parts of the Phoenix area, which were hit by an unexpected downpour and high winds, causing flash flooding. The flooding was triggered by more than 2 inches of rain that fell in a short period Sunday. It is UNUSUAL to see such high winds combined with rain in July, such wet microbursts are more common to Arizona in August.

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