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2nd oldest US wildlife refuge in jeopardy

Louisiana, USA
Pounded by hurricanes, washed by waves, 2nd oldest US wildlife refuge in jeopardy - The Chandeleur and Breton islands, a chain of barrier islands southeast of New Orleans, have been battered by hurricanes in the past four years and they took a pounding from Hurricane Katrina, which reduced the islands by one-half of their pre-storm size. "Circumstances are now at a turning point. We can either let things continue to deteriorate or we can expand restoration efforts." What was once a continuous strip of land in 1915, where beaches were backed up by high dunes and shrubbery made up of black mangrove and groundsel bush, is now a patchwork of low-lying sand bars rising just above the sea. The islands are important nesting grounds for a variety of birds. But the fate of the islands may be beyond whatever humans can do.

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