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Panic loom over Gojal in Hunza after glacier burst

The third outburst of a glacier in Gulkin Gojal, upper Hunza, caused widespread panic among the inhabitants and they called for immediate measures to save them from loss. Huge boulders that blocked Karakuram Highway were cleared to restore traffic but the mudflow from the lake disrupted telecommunication and damaged water channels of the Gulkin village. “The residents are shifted to safe areas temporarily to save them as two houses were damaged partially due to mudflow." The mudflows from the glaciers badly affected the irrigation system of Gulkin village and people were concerned about their standing crops in the fields. They feared if measures for its repair were not undertaken on war-footing-basis they might suffer huge monetary losses as well. There were reports of damages in orchards and potato crops, and the villagers were frightened of another big catastrophe as the local population was expecting additional bursts in the upper glaciers.

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