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Heat wave has upside: ripened produce

Hot weather extending from Quebec to Florida has caused a number of fruits and vegetables to ripen quickly and come to market at low prices. From local asparagus and the first salad greens to such imports as corn, green peppers and watermelon from Georgia and Florida, there are plenty of bargains in stores and markets this week.

At the same time, cool weather on the west coast has caused an interruption in the supply of Bing cherries, so their price is up until Washington state cherries come to market.

U.S. rains take heavy toll on crops - Putnam County, Indiana has been deluged with nearly 13 inches of rain — about one-third of the state’s YEARLY average. The heavy rainfall and flooding are threatening farmers and crops across the state. Farmers throughout the rain-drenched Corn Belt are concerned that damage to recently planted crops will hurt yields, helping to drive up prices of everything from eggs to meat to bread. Last week’s rain-fed jump in corn prices was THE LARGEST ONE-WEEK RALLY IN HISTORY. In Indiana, the overabundance of rain began last month. The amount of rainfall in the state — 6.1 inches — was 37% more than normal in May. Before the deluge, Indiana farmers were en route to one of their best years

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