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Crops submerged under spring deluge

Iowa, USA
A sofa was washed into a cornfield after recent flash flooding in Durango. Photo by Dave Kettering

Story: The agricultural community in Dubuque and the surrounding counties has been gasping for air as relentless rains have ravaged the region for the past several weeks. Flooding of river bottoms, ponding in flat fields and soil runoff from, but not limited to, higher ground fields is only the beginning of the troubles and subsequent costs that farmers have been doused with. With portions of their crop still submerged and most other areas waterlogged beyond the point of retrieval, farmers' outlook of the crop damage remains muddy. Due to the excessively waterlogged fields, once ponding and stillwater has disappeared, it still might be weeks before the ground is stable enough for equipment to make its way onto the field. As much as 5 percent of the crop in Iowa will have to be replanted. Farmers aren't alone with unwanted repercussions. An increasing amount of field sediment is being washed to surrounding tributaries, and bodies of water are being choked with impurities. "People say these are FLOODS THAT COME AROUND EVERY 100 YEARS. In that case, I've lived about 900 years worth of floods. And I ain't old enough to quit yet."

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