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China's pandas in danger following quake

The lives of nearly 90% of China's endangered pandas are in danger after last month's earthquake devastated their mountainous habitat, Chinese government experts have warned. The lives of about 1,400 wild pandas in quake-hit areas of Sichuan province are in jeopardy, and some may have already died. "Massive landslides and large scale damage to forests triggered by last month's earthquake are threatening the existence of wild pandas. Caves and tree hollows where giant pandas live may be damaged, water in the habitat is polluted, and some of the bamboo is buried or smashed. Their living environment is completely destroyed." The quake affected 1.9 million hectares (4.7 million acres), or 83% of the country's total panda habitat. But officials said the extent of the damage could be even worse because landslides have blocked roads, preventing officials from assessing some areas.

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