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Arthur Caused Almost $100 million in Damages

Tropical Storm Arthur and the subsequent floods caused almost $100 million in damages. The rain, winds and floods impacted 40 communities countrywide, an area including 7,000 households, 155 of which were directly impacted by the storm. 17 houses in the south were completely destroyed and in the north the number is 9. In agriculture, 5% of the citrus crop, about 1,500 acres was lost, and that’s because most of the crop had already been harvested. Still, losses to the citrus industry are estimated at $7.9 million. 913 acres of rice were lost in the Blue Creek area, amounting to $1.7 million. Sugar cane lost another 1,800 acres. All totalled, the loss to agriculture was $14.2 million. In aquaculture, Paradise Shrimp Farm in Mullins River had damages of $2.4 million. The lobster season which opens next week is also expected to be affected; a downturn of 25% in earnings is projected. And amidst all this, there was a tropical wave heading to Belize on Saturday with showers and thundershowers expected.

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