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100 Year Floods Now Occuring Regularly

You know those 100-year floods like the one in 2005 in Calgary? Somebody forgot to send Mother Nature the timetable. The banks of the Elbow, located deep beneath the murky brown depths of the surging river, weren't supposed to disappear like this for another 97 years. Though the river is slowly receding again, Alberta Environment said the water depth and flow were "very close" to the levels recorded during the disaster of 2005, when 2,000 Calgarians were evacuated from their inner-city homes. It wasn't supposed to happen like this for another lifetime - that's what residents near the meandering Elbow were told in 2005, after the placid brook turned into a raging python of flood water, swallowing up apartments, basements, yards and paths. That "once-in-a-century" flood crested the Glenmore Dam and forced Calgary to declare a state of emergency. And for a few tense hours this past weekend, it looked like it might happen all over again.

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