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Tsunami Survivors Still Struggle

3 years after the Indian Ocean earthquake of December 2004, tsunami survivors still struggle. The scars of the 2004 Asian Tsunami can be seen everywhere. Your local travel agent might have you believe that it’s all over, that the resorts have been rebuilt and it’s business as usual on Thailand’s Andaman coast. But cycle a few hundred meters outside of the resorts and it’s a very different story. Many people have struggled to rebuild homes (unrecognisable as such by Western standards), and are having a hard time time living from the remaining natural resources which were devastated following the undersea earthquake, so large that our Earth wobbled on its Axis and our days are now 2.7 microseconds shorter. Survivors continue to mourn their losses, left with farm fields still contaminated by salt water, limited infrastructure for the treatment of sewage and provision of fresh water and the collapse of local fishing industries. The healthy return of tourism to the region is certainly helping to inject funds into local economies, and a sense of normality is slowly returning, but the memory of 26th December 2004 continues to traumatise many survivors struggling to scrape a living from a coastline still bearing many scars of the most deadly natural disaster in living memory.

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