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Terrified pandas coaxed from trees after quake

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Ordeal ... workers with rescued pandas at the famous Wolong breeding reserve after China's devastating earthquake / AFP

Terrified giant pandas
have been rescued after China's earthquake devastated their breeding grounds. Pandas clinging to tree branches had to be coaxed down. The quake uprooted forests and sent huge boulders crashing down from nearby mountains at the world-famous Wolong Reserve. The quake reportedly killed five staff members and destroyed 14 panda houses. Despite a major search operation, some of the 1600 wild pandas in the Sichuan district are missing, two of them from Wolong reserve, 32km from the earthquake's epicentre. The others were "very likely to be alive". "Both pandas were adults and they are more capable to escape from dangers than younger ones." The quake destroyed or damaged all 32 panda houses

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