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Reno's swarm of quakes defies the odds

Nevada, USA
Phil Oberlander uncovers his Cuddy Cabin boat, which he and his wife use as a makeshift bedroom since the earthquakes in Mogul. Photo by Kevin Clifford, special to the Chronicle

Story:Residents of the Reno suburb of Mogul are so shaken by the intense swarm of earthquakes over the past two months that some have taken to sleeping outside in campers and trucks. "I was in a car wreck that was less violent than the earthquake [on April 25]. When you get a hundred of them in one day, you start to feel like you are in Berlin in 1944." "Normally, Nevada and California earthquakes are 5 to 10 kilometers deep, and these here are UNUSUALLY SHALLOW. Hopefully, we can learn and see what causes them, but right now I don't think we have enough information." Historically, there is a 5 percent chance that any earthquake can be followed by another one of a higher magnitude in the following 10 days.

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