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Mud Volcano Erupts in Arakan

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Myanmar (Burma)
A mud volcano erupted on an island in Manaung Township in Arakan twice on the night of Sunday, May 25, but there are no reports on any damaged caused by the eruption. The volcano, situated on Nantha Kyunt Island along the Arakan Coast, erupted first at 12:30 am and a second time at 4 am. Molten lava spewed from the mouth of the volcano, reaching estimated heights of 120 feet into the sky. After the lava erupted, the area surrounding the volcano was inundated with mud that came from the volcano. In Arakan State, there are a few mud volcanoes that occasionally erupt. On 5 January, 2008, Nagar Gri (Dragon) Volcano on Rambree Island also erupted and flooded nearby areas with lava.

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