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Midsummer rain throws life out of gear

New Delhi, May 21 (IANS): Waterlogged roads, traffic backed up for miles and stalled cars robbed Delhiites of the joy of the unexpected overnight rain Wednesday. The midsummer rain also brought to the fore concerns about whether it was one of the effects of climate change. The India Meteorological Department said the FREAKY WEATHER was due to two mini-cyclones, one over Rajasthan and adjoining areas of Pakistan, and the other over Himachal Pradesh and northern Haryana. Asked about the effect of the current weather on the all-important monsoon wind that largely determines India’s annual farm output, an expert said the mini-cyclones were still too local and too small to have any long-term effect. But he was worried about the effect a newly-developing low-pressure area in the southern Arabian Sea may have on the monsoon wind. That weather system may develop into a cyclone and move northwest towards the Arabian peninsula. In Delhi, the maximum temperature Tuesday fell to 29 degrees Celsius, a full 12 degrees below average. The met office has predicted that the current spell of wet and windy weather will continue till Friday. The prediction includes the possibility of hailstorms, which may be ruinous for the mango crop that has already been affected by the wet weather.

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