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Hunger makes bats 'act strangely'

Bats found lying on the ground and being mobbed by birds flying in daylight could be linked to extreme hunger, an expert has said. The handful of incidents may be related to last year's poor summer and autumn in Britain. It is too early to tell if the problem is more widespread. Last year, adult bats were reported abandoning their young as they struggled to cope with bad weather. The first bats of the season are emerging from hibernation. "Down here in the central belt people have found grounded bats which were very weak and very hungry. This may be a reflection of last summer and juveniles not getting enough food to build up fat to survive through hibernation..."Someone visiting Mull reported seeing a bat flying during daylight and mobbed by birds. For bats to be flying in daylight is something strange and you don't normally see and could mean the bat was really hungry." In day time bats run the risk of falling prey to other animals and it has been known for them to be mobbed and eaten by crows.

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