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Global Warming brings rare bird to Machu Picchu

Peru, S.A.
The Mountain Caracara, a species of bird of prey in the Falconidae family, has shown changes in its behavior pattern which indicate it is being affected by Peru's change of climate in the highlands. The caracara, a bird that usually lives between 3,500 - 5,000 meters (11,482 - 16,404 feet) above sea level, was venerated by the Incas. The Mountain Caracara has recently been found living at much lower altitudes and specialists are asking themselves what has brought the high-Andes bird closer to humans. According to biologists in Peru, the majestic bird is relocating because of weather alterations and abrupt changes in the climate. Specialists have noted that more of these birds can be seen at the Inca Citadel atop Machu Picchu, which is 2,400 meters (7,875 ft) above sea level. "These are visible consequence of climate change. Many speak of this phenomenon as if it were something distant. This is a concrete case of the changes that are taking place."

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