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Climate change speeding nature's clock

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Impact ... a study has pinpointed the changes in nature linked to global warming, including some polar bears resorting to cannibalism / Reuters / News Limited picture

Climate change
is making flowers bloom sooner and autumn leaves fall later and is turning polar bears into cannibals and birds into early breeders. The study of rising temperatures found declining water levels in western Victoria; a 50% decline in Antarctica's Emperor Penguin population; cannibalism and decline in population of polar bears; glaciers melting in the European alps; changes in 19 countries of leaf-unfolding and flowering of some plants; greater growth of Siberian pines in Mongolia; earlier break-up and thinning of river and lake ice there; and changes in the freeze depth of permafrost in Russia. "When you look at all of the glaciers and all of the snowpack and all of the birds laying eggs earlier and all of the plants having spring earlier across a continent, then we see we can detect anthropogenic signals."

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