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China Quake 'predicted' 5 years ago

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Ahead of Monday's deadly earthquake
, many people reported seeing UNUSUAL animal behavior. On Saturday, local media reported that hundreds of thousands of toads had appeared on the streets of Manzhu, a city about 60 km southeast of Wenchuan. A resident was quoted as saying he saw countless toads killed by passing vehicles as they crossed roads, and that he had never seen anything like it. Similarly, on Friday, people in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, also said they saw tens of thousands of toads on the city's streets, local media said. Experts have said animals can give advance notice of quakes, as they sense tremors before they happen. Unfortunately, no one heeded the toads' "warning". In response to questions from the public about the reptilian swarms, officials in both Mianzhu and Taizhou said there was nothing unusual about them. "The move is because of the change of weather."

A seismologist warned more than five years ago that based on historical records and animal studies, a strong earthquake was likely in Sichuan. Sichuan stood a big chance of being hit by a huge temblor due to its geographic location, and records since 1800 showed the average interval between major quakes in the province was about 16 years. Since 1900, the area had experienced frequent big temblors, and records showed the longest interval between them was 19 years, with the average being 11 years. The paper said, "however, the area hasn't seen any earthquake measuring above 7 for 26 years, since a big temblor struck its Songpan and Pingwu counties in 1976. We must be prepared for a big earthquake after 2003."

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