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Spring nipped in the bud by weather that's the pits

Washington, USA
Eric Clark takes pictures of the 6-inch-deep snow in Clearview, Snohomish County, on Saturday morning using his phone camera. "I know this is the convergence zone, but come on, it's nearly May," he says.

Story: On Saturday, snow fell throughout Western Washington. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was 1 degree short of breaking its record low of 34 degrees. Snow HAS NOT FALLEN THIS LATE IN THE YEAR SINCE APRIL 1972. The unseasonably cold weather of the past few days has spelled disaster for some of the ornamental cherry trees around Seattle. Their vibrant, cotton-candy-pink blossoms have been replaced by a brownish goo on the sidewalks below. In Wenatchee Valley, cherry farmers are worried about the unusually cold weather, too. "It's too early to tell how much damage the cold weather has done."

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