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Landslide sparks tidal wave alert on Spey

An estimated 1,000 tons of earth is threatening to fall into the River Spey at Fochabers. Eric Cormack (NS)

A MASSIVE landslide could cause a huge wave down the River Spey, fishermen have been warned. About 1,000 tons of earth has shifted on a 120ft cliff at Ordequish, Fochabers, and is threatening to crash down into the water. Anglers have been told to stay away from the area on the western side of the river. A s
ection of a field owned by the Crown Estate has dropped over 8ft since Sunday, leaving a scar across the land. Emergency advice is being sought on how to secure the area, which has been fenced off and warning signs advising people to stay clear have been erected. There had been erosion in the area and further downstream at the Quarry Pool, but this week's latest landslip was described as "significant". It is thought the sandy soil crumbled because of dry conditions over the winter months. At one of the houses perched on top of the cliff, the garden has crept closer to the steep drop, now only a few feet from the end of the garden.

Struck by lightning, a boulder broke off from a cliff and crashed on a car parked below at the Wangsa Heights condominium in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang. Cliff debris also damaged other cars. — NST picture by Sairien Nafis

Rain wreaked havoc in the lives of several families in Kajang and in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. In Taman Bukit, Kajang, the kitchens of two houses crumbled in a landslide after rain. Cracks appeared in three neighbouring houses. In another incident, the kitchens of two homes in Taman Bukit were washed away in a landslide at 7:30am after a thunderstorm. Cracks also developed in the back portion of three neighbouring houses. "It had been raining heavily since 3am, but I never thought something like this would happen." The incident in Ampang was no less scary as part of a boulder struck by lightning broke off from a cliff and came crashing down on a car parked at the Wangsa Heights condominium in Bukit Antarabangsa. Three other cars were also damaged.

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