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Huge Wave Spotted Off India's Coast

An Air India Express pilot flying over the Bay of Bengal noticed an "UNUSUALLY BIG WAVE" in the sea at 11:30 am on Thursday (April 24). The pilot, flying an aircraft from Singapore to Trichy, noticed the wave when the aircraft was 50 nautical miles from the Tamil Nadu coast. According to the pilot, the wave was running in a direction from north to south and parallel to the Tamil Nadu coastline. The Tamil Nadu government was alerted after its chief secretary was informed of the observation. The Tamil Nadu government is believed to be keeping a close watch on the situation in view of the devastating tsunami that struck the state over three years ago. Incidentally, the district collector of Nagapattinam has also been informed of the pilot’s observation. Nagapattinam was one of the worst affected districts in the killer tsunami which hit Tamil Nadu in December 2004. "Even when the aircraft is at an altitude of thousands of feet, it is possible for the pilot to make such an observation clearly as the ocean is usually very placid. Such an observation can also prove extremely useful in tipping off the authorities about any possible disturbances in the ocean, especially in the wake of the killer tsunami that struck Tamil Nadu four years ago." The authorities in Tamil Nadu have been on the lookout for marine disturbances ever since the earthquake in the seabed near Indonesia sparked off the killer tsunami and tidal waves, resulting in thousands of deaths in Tamil Nadu in December 2004. The tsunami caused massive destruction in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, besides Tamil Nadu, as well as in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

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