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Cyclonic winds hit Port Phillip Bay

Wild weather on April 1st with winds gusting to more than 70 knots was THE STRONGEST IN MEMORY in Melbourne's vast Port Phillip Bay. Five metre waves crashed over the Mornington pier and more than twenty boats were smashed onto the rocks or the beach. A large motor boat sank at its mooring and the pier was damaged. 'It was THE WORST SEAS EVER SEEN at Mornington'. The Weather Bureau said the magnitude of the storms was UNUSUAL for this time of year.
A burst of cold air from above the Southern Ocean had collided with seasonally warm northerly winds to trigger the event. The genesis was cyclone Pancho that rounded the south-western corner of Australia, causing mayhem across south-eastern Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Two people were killed in Melbourne and at the height of the storm the State Emergency Service took distress calls at the rate of one every seven seconds, as some gusts reached cyclone force. Image of Bay: 'Mornington chaos' Joel Wright

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