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Climate change threat to Kent's feathered friends

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Great Britain
Migratory birds, such as the lapwing, are becoming scarce on Kent's marshes

Story: Climate change threat to Kent's birds - For years, the mass of wintering birds at Kent’s RSPB marshes have attracted thousands of visitors during the colder months. But now the effects of climate change are causing bird numbers to plummet rapidly and are putting the marshes at risk of becoming miserably barren. Flocks of wintering water fowl and other species from the arctic region are noticeable by their absence at marshes in North Kent and Dungeness, as mild winters across the continent mean migrating birds do not need to travel as far as the UK’s south east for the climate they need. On top of this, the results of the Big Garden Watch in January showed that the average number of birds seen in people’s gardens has declined by a fifth since 2004.

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