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Anchorage digs out after record storm

Alaska, USA

A day after Anchorage endured one of the city’s HEAVIEST ONE-DAY SNOWFALLS ON RECORD, people spent what would normally be a spring Saturday digging out and slogging through nearly 2 feet of fresh snow and slush. The spring snow dump is THE HEAVIEST ON RECORD AFTER APRIL 1. The snowfall was the third-heaviest in a single day
— measured midnight to midnight — since the National Weather Service started keeping records in Anchorage in 1915. Counting Saturday morning, 17 inches fell in West Anchorage and up to 22 inches in Muldoon. Between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Friday, snow fell at the rate of nearly 2 inches per hour. Before Friday, the most snow that had ever fallen in one day after April 1 was 8.3 inches. The day’s official tally at the airport: 15.5 inches. This much snow this time of year is HIGHLY UNUSUAL. They had seen a run of blue-sky days in the 50s earlier in the week.

Image: Jim Moss clears a neighbor's driveway in the Turnagain area April 26, 2008. Most thought the snow-blowing season was over.

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