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No region untouched by climate change, study shows

Climate change is already affecting every region of Canada, according to a major new federal government study that cites specific local examples of the good and bad in a warming nation. A common theme throughout the report is the many ripple effects to come from increasing water scarcities. Hydro power will be harder to come by, while Canada's thirsty neighbours to the south are expected to intensify political pressure for access to northern taps. "With increasing drought projected for the southwestern United States and Mexico, growing demands for export of Canadian water can be anticipated." "All of Canada, with the possible exception of the Atlantic offshore area, is projected to warm during the next 80 years...Temperature increases will be greatest in the high Arctic, and greater in the central portions of the country than along the east and west coasts." There have been dramatic drops in Great Lakes water levels. Sea level measured at Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island has risen 32 centimetres over the past century. Retreat of glacier cover in Western Canada has been widespread since the late 1800s, and since the 1920s in the Arctic. Snow cover in the Arctic has decreased by 20 days a year since 1950. Glaciers in British Columbia are currently RETREATING AT RATES UNPRECEDENTED IN THE PAST 8,0000 YEARS.

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