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Massive Storm Hits Heartland USA

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Floodwaters flow through a mill building in Ozark, Mo. Wednesday, March 19, 2008. Storms dropped six to ten inches of rain across much of southwest Missouri on Monday and Tuesday, leaving widespread flooding in their wake. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

Torrential rains chased hundreds of people from their flooded homes and deluged roads in the nation's midsection Tuesday, killing at least two people in Missouri and sweeping a teen down a drainage pipe near Dallas. The storm system also grounded hundreds of flights. One control tower at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was briefly evacuated when a funnel cloud was spotted. The National Weather Service posted flood and flash flood warnings from Texas to Ohio, with tornado watches in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Heavy rain began falling Monday and just kept coming. Forecasters said some parts of Missouri could get 10 inches of rain or more before the storms finally stop today. "It's ABSOLUTELY ABNORMAL to have this much rain and more on the way." "This is one of the most vicious thunderstorms Dallas-Fort Worth has seen in quite some time, especially its ongoing intensity. Add in two snow storms in the past two weeks and this has been ONE OF THE MOST UNUSUAL EARLY SPRING WEATHER PATTERNS IN YEARS."

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