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Increasing Number of Tornadoes in Missouri

Missouri, USA
Tornadoes are on the rise in Missouri, but experts can't say for certain why. Normally the state sees an average of 30 tornadoes a year. 2006 holds the record for twisters with 102 tornadoes. Last year the weather service counted 42 confirmed twisters. What's more disturbing....there have already been 35 tornadoes to hit the state so far this year. This has been a VERY UNUSUAL winter. Tornados have plagued the southern part of the state in January and February. Tornado season begins in late March and April and goes through June. The number of intense tornadoes has not increased. It's the weaker tornadoes that have increased in numbers - tornadoes that are EF-zero or EF1 tornadoes with winds of 70 to 90 miles per hour.

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