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HK schools close amid flu fears

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Hong Kong
Flu fears over Hong Kong deaths - A school has been closed in Hong Kong amid fears of a return of a mysterious flu epidemic. More than 30 students have flu-like symptoms and one of them died on Tuesday. Two other young children have died in separate cases from flu-like illnesses in recent weeks. A two-year-old boy died in February and a three-year-old girl died on 1 March from what appeared to be a variant of bird flu. An expert team is to assess whether the cases are linked to either bird flu or to Sars, the severe acute respiratory syndrome that hit Hong Kong in 2003

Health Threats
Fresh bird flu outbreak in India - Vets in India began culling tens of thousands of chickens to combat a fresh outbreak of bird flu in West Bengal.

Bird flu 'showing signs of mutation' -
One of China's top doctors has disclosed that the H5N1 bird flu virus has shown signs of mutation and can kill human victims more easily if treatment is not given early enough.

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