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A flowerless spring!

Islamabad will not have flower blossom this spring because the outgoing winter was extreme, which destroyed half of the flowers and sensitive plants in the capital. Hailstorms and frequent rains last winter killed sensitive flowers and delayed the growth of less-sensitive seasonal flower. Palm, alstonia and euphorbia, shrubs, letchi, mango and guava were badly affected but apricot and apple survived the harsh winter. “A lot of beautiful plants and creepers including bougainvillea, jasmine, petunia, pensy and antirrhinum, which flower in spring, went under stress due to extreme weather. Resultantly their growth has been delayed. These flowers usually blossom from February to March but now their growth has been delayed by a month so they will not have time to develop branches in spring.” Tulips, crocus, butter cups and white jasmine have also suffered badly from the extreme winter. Pollen count may increase because paper mulberry trees had also a delayed blossom. “The flowering of paper mulberry has been delayed but pollen threat could intensify if weather remains dry for a week or two.”

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