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Wildfires Flare Up in Texas, New Mexico

Southwest, USA
Wind continued whipping across Texas on Tuesday after driving wildfires that charred hundreds of square miles. Fire officials waited for daylight Tuesday to assess the scope of the state's biggest wildfire, which had stretched across parts of three central Texas counties and could be as large as 781 square miles, or 500,000 acres. At one point Monday, that blaze moved so quickly — stoked by 50 mph wind — that flames were consuming an area the size of "a football field every minute." Three firefighters were injured in a truck accident. There were at least two dozen separate fires across the state and likely "many, many more". "We had so many fires that there is no possible way to have enough firefighting resources for that many fires. Texas had the same conditions that you might expect in Southern California with some of their Santa Ana winds. The right conditions came together. It's EXTREMELY RARE for us to see that." Some fires were likely started by wind blowing down power lines. Elsewhere, a grass fire in southeastern New Mexico raced across about 81 square miles west of Hobbs before crews got a handle on the flames.

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