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Strange smell stinks up southern Indiana

Indiana, USA
BEDFORD (AP) — A rank, rotten-eggs-like smell permeated parts of southern Indiana on Thursday, prompting calls to authorities and leading state officials to investigate.

Lawrence County Emergency Services Director Valerie Luchauer said the source of the smell wasn’t immediately known, but one possibility was that it was a leaking tank of odorizer that is commonly applied to natural gas lines to alert people to leaks.

“It’s offensive to the nostrils, but I’ve not heard of any health risks,” said Luchauer.

The odor appeared to be dissipating in Lawrence County by 10:30 a.m., but was spreading northward, with reports coming in from Morgan County, Luchauer said.

“It is following the wind patterns and rolling right through Indiana. IDEM is still trying to track the source, but it may be like finding a needle in a haystack as it is a moving odor,” she said.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management dispatched staff with monitoring equipment to the region to try to find the source, agency spokesman Barry Sneed said.

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