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Las Vegas 'set to run dry by 2021'

Above: Lake Mead as photographed in October, 2007. Now at 46% of maximum capacity


Lake Mead, the prime source of water for the desert city of Las Vegas, may run dry in 13 years, in 2021, if usage is not cut back, a new study shows. The study calculates a 10% chance that Lake Mead will run dry in six years and a 50% probability it will be gone by 2021 in the absence of other changes. "Our reaction was frankly one of being stunned. We had not expected the problem to be so severe and so up close to us in time." The West has suffered years of drought with the Colorado supplying less water to Lake Mead, which serves Nevada, California, Arizona and Mexico. The lake created by Hoover Dam provides 90 per cent of Las Vegas' water and is less than half full.

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