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Hillary's Economic Blueprint for the 21st Century


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Hillary has a vision for a 21st century economy based on shared prosperity - where we measure our success not by the wealth at the very top, but by how broadly our wealth and prosperity are shared. She believes in an economy that rewards hard work, puts the American Dream within everyone’s reach, and allows each of us to live up to our God-given potential.

Throughout the campaign, Hillary has outlined a comprehensive set of economic policies to jumpstart our ailing economy, provide more economic security to hardworking Americans, and lay the foundation for shared economic growth and the creation of good, high-wage jobs across our country. Hillary is the only candidate that has proposed real solutions for our immediate economic challenges, including ending the mortgage crisis and creating millions of green-collar jobs.

Americans face tough economic times. Hillary is ready to lead on the economy from day one, with a clear vision and bold agenda to restore the American Dream for everyone.

Read the full economic blueprint here.

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