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Cool change experienced

Last Wednesday’s dust storm seen passing over the railway station, heralded a sudden weather change for Cobar.

current rainfall total for February as of last Monday is 51.6mm, while the overall total of 464.6mm since the start of November is a RECORD FOR THE REGION. Cobar experienced its own initiation to climate change last week when a high level dust storm caused an ABRUPT WEATHER TRANSFORMATION from hot, humid and wet tropical type conditions to a sudden cool spell with well below average temperatures for February. The UNEXPECTED dust storm, with wind gusts of 91 kp/h, swept in from the south west at about 7.30pm on Wednesday bringing mild conditions for the rest of the week. Cobar began 2008 with La Nina-induced, record-breaking rains, which continued into the early part of last week before Wednesday’s dust storm and following cool change passed through the area. Prior to the dust storm, maximum temperatures of 31 and 32 degrees and high humidity were recorded on Monday and Tuesday while Thursday and Friday’s maximums struggled to reach 23 degrees with the overnight minimums falling to a very chilly 11 degrees.

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