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Cold wave leaves Surat`s textile industry sneezing

Surat is feeling the heat of the cold wave, which is threatening to freeze the synthetic fabric market. The dipping mercury has left sales of synthetic fabric plummeting by around 40% in the last month. With consumers turning to woolens even after mid-January, there is a visible slowdown in the offtake of synthetic fabrics. What’s more, industry players fear more losses if the cold wave continues for some more days as woolens will continue to find favour with buyers. Normally, with the marriage and festive season round the corner, offtake of synthetic fabrics such as sarees and dress material starts picking up after mid-January. However, extended winter has seen a spurt in sales of woolen clothes even in January, which has forced traders in northern India to shift their focus on woolen clothes. “For the first time there is no demand of synthetic fabric in the months of January and February. Whatever demand was witnessed in the last month subsided in February in the wake of unabated cold wave.” Not just traders, units involved in weaving, processing and dying are also feeling the heat of the cold wave.

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