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Week's weather 'going to get real freaky'

Image: Gerran Ferrey removes snow Tuesday in front of his home in Plymouth, Mich., after several inches blanketed southeastern Michigan

- This week's weather is 'going to get real freaky' -
The New Year's Day storm that snowed over parts of the Midwest is JUST THE BEGINNING of what forecasters are calling a crazy week of weather that could bring 30-degree weather to Miami, followed by a Spring-like heating across the East and a potentially 100-inch snow storm in the Northwest. "It's going to get real freaky," said a senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel. Near Detroit, snow fell at a rate of 2 inches per hour on Tuesday, and up to 4 inches per hour in some parts. The storm, which lasted about 7 hours, dropped more than 15 inches of snow in three counties around Detroit. As that storm moves east a polar cold front will continue driving south, bringing frigid temperatures as far south as Key West, Florida. That system will be driven out quickly, and by Thursday, an intense warming will begin to blanket the Great Plains and move east. "We could have 50s in upstate New York. It's going to feel like Spring." The biggest concern will be a POTENTIALLY RECORD-SETTING SERIES OF STORMS that will move into the Northwest by Thursday and extend into the weekend. Computer models are showing the possibility of up to 8 feet of snow around Lake Tahoe and areas throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains that spans California and Nevada. The storm will bring up to 60 mph winds and will hit the hardest on Friday night.

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