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Massive earthquake fault threatens Wisconsin

Wisconsin, USA
Massive earthquake fault threatens Wisconsin - Earthquakes can’t happen in the Upper Midwest. Or can they? A UW-Superior geology student has research that says at least part of Wisconsin could be heavily damaged by tremors. The seismic zone center is in Missouri - the “New Madrid Fault” - and it causes minor tremors fairly often, but major eruptions are only expected once every 500 years or so. The worst damage would be felt in southern Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Racine. "Steering of motor vehicles would be affected. Twisting, falling of chimneys, factory stacks and monuments, elevated tanks, frame houses could be moved off their foundations if not bolted down securely, house panel walls thrown out if it was as severe as a level 8.” A total of one and a half million people in Wisconsin would be in the earthquake's path. Green Bay and Appleton would probably feel the tremor but it would be minor. People in Ashland or Superior wouldn’t feel a thing. There is a 7%-10% chance that the New Madrid fault may cause a major earthquake in the next 50 years.

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