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Canada Experiencing a Major January Thaw

Southern Ontario and the rest of Canada are embracing UNUSUALLY mild temperatures thanks to a RARE phenomenon called the January thaw. Toronto's average temperatures at this time should be about -2 C to -9 C. Record-breaking temperatures are in store for today and Tuesday as the mercury is forecast to rise to 13 C, surpassing Monday’s record of 6.5 C in 1998 and Tuesday’s 11.7 C set in 1965. Toronto has experienced a January thaw every year since 1937, the earliest year for which records are available, except for 1977, the only year they did not have melting temperatures. But what is UNUSUAL about this warm weather is that it is being experienced from Alberta to the Maritimes, and thaws usually happen in the latter half of January. The coldest temperatures occur after January thaws.

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