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Big waves slam coasts from Riau to Java

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Java, Indonesia

High waves swept through the eastern coastal regions of Lampung and Riau and also parts of Java the last few days, wrecking one commercial ship and four fishing boats and leaving two passengers dead.

Dozens of Sulung Putra boat passengers were reported injured, and two others were killed, when the boat was slammed by high waves east of Lampung on Wednesday evening.

The Sulung Putra was slammed by waves as high as four meters after sailing about three kilometers from Labuhan Ratu village. The passengers were on their way to Kuala Penet village to celebrate the new year.

Before the accident, the Lampung Meteorology and Geophysics Agency issued warnings about the possibility of high waves around Lampung, but some residents insisted on sailing.

The agency predicts that in the coming days high waves will occur along the western coastal area of Lampung up to West Sumatra and along the southern coast of Banten in West Java.

High waves also forced the administrators of Bakauheni harbor to stop speed boats from operating. Usually 12 speed boats serve passengers on the route from Bahauheni harbor in Lampung, South Sumatra, to Merak harbor in Banten, West Java.

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