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Tsunami prediction spooks island voters

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A Brazilian fortune-teller's prediction of a tsunami-inducing earthquake this coming Sunday has got locals so spooked that a seafront polling station has been forced to be relocated to higher ground. They moved the polling booth from a public hall in Ban Sak further inland because locals said they would not vote if it was by the sea. The rumours had terrified voters, especially local Moken sea gypsies. A massive tidal wave triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean slammed into the six Andaman coastal provinces on Boxing Day three years ago, killing well over 5,000 people in Thailand. One tsunami survivor said a Brazilian fortune teller alerted the Indonesian government and news agencies of a forthcoming major earthquake on Sunday. He said many locals had already cancelled their plans along the seashore and were preparing for a possible evacuation. The Mineral Resources Department director-general dismissed the rumours however, saying that scientists could not predict earthquakes. He asked the public to trust in the tsunami early warning system put in place in the six provinces along the Andaman coastline.

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