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Surfer defies giant waves alert

Duncan Scott, 29, from Newquay in Cornwall is dwarfed by the waves estimated at 55ft (16.7m) breaking on the reef at Mullagmore Head in Donegal Bay on the west coast of Ireland. Picture: Kelly Allen

A Cornish surfer defied warnings to ride what are thought to be the biggest waves recorded off the west coast of Ireland.

Duncan Scott, 29, from Newquay, was surfing at Mullagmore Head in Donegal Bay as waves estimated at 55ft (16.7m) high lashed the coast.

Weather forecasters had warned of hazardous conditions for ships, fishing vessels and coastal walkers.

It is understood that low pressure near Iceland is causing the high sea levels with waves growing for between 500 and 600 miles by the time they crash against the Irish coastline.

Dr Glenn Nolan, of the Marine Institute, said: "This is allowing waves to travel all the way uninterrupted to the Irish coast.

"It's quite unusual. The last time we would have had waves close to this height would have been in early 2005 and before that in 2000."

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